We provide programming services with open source web technologies. Procyon Studios creates websites, applications, client-adapted resource management tools and databases. Make yourself at home.



Your goal is our focus. What is your goal? Is it to have a strong brand identity online? Is it to improve the productivity of your team? 


We build long-term relationships with our clients. We actively maintain clear, concise and objective communication with you.


Getting you to experience the product at an early stage guides the development process. We transfer ownership of our products to give you independence.


Work is fun! Projects are tackled in an agile and pragmatic way. We solve problems at their source, always identifying patterns and optimizing procedures to reduce your workload.

Knowledge Base


  • Data modeling
  • Database design
  • Data migration
  • User Interface design
  • Adaptive, mobile-ready layouts
  • altMind - Content Management System/Framework
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript/Ajax
  • APIs with JSON and XML
  • Deployment
  • Project management


Talk to us in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

A brief history

First developments started in 2005, with a database for the University of Bristol to transition construction projects reporting from paper to digital format. The database is still active today and constantly expanding its functionality.

Following collaboration with alt120 Comunicació Interactiva in 2007, an agency based in Barcelona, the altMind Content Management System was designed to serve as a foundation framework for future projects.

Procyon Studios came to life to provide service to agencies, businesses and institutions. Notable projects include a series of sites for ETH Zurich (including a board game), a new recruitment platform for a start-up, and regular service to long-term clients such as University of Bristol, Paisatges Vius, and United Cocoa Processor.

The projects selected for presentation each highlight their unique features, to help you visualize potential solutions.

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