United Cocoa Processor

Website & Resource management application

United Cocoa Processor (UCP) is a cocoa beans processing factory located in the USA.

The ERP-software designed and built for UCP digitalises and unifies their ever-growing data and provides their managing team with a clear picture of the factory's operations.

The starting version enabled tracking of inventory, production runs and shipment of goods in/out of the factory; by means of virtual "lot transactions".

As the system became popular, new modules were developed to integrate their sales and quality control teams. The sales team inserts contracts and monitors fulfilment against shipment of goods in/out. The QC team inserts product specifications and log test results received from the labs to make sure that products comply with technical specifications prior to being shipped.

To date, the database generates over 30 custom-made reports and printable materials (forms, check-lists, lot labels, etc.). It provides information for their team to make critical decisions on pricing products, purchasing raw materials and scheduling production runs to make optimal use of machinery.

UCP's customer website (image below) and internal application (confidential) both use the altMind CMS and framework. This is an ongoing, long-term supported project.


Graphic design by Rob Whitehouse
Internal database design in collaboration with client, Jon Liu


Resource management

  • Inventory reports, inbound/outbound shipment reports, production run and yields reports, and more.
  • Tracing of QC lab test results based on each lot's product specification.
  • Forecasting of sales and production.
  • Calculation of market, physical, commercial and net positions.
  • HR management.
  • Company partners and clients contacts list.
  • Integration with Zebra label printer.
  • Configurable user access to modules.
  • System performance logging and weekly reportinig to routinely optimize load times