University of Bristol

Project Reporting Database

The database was built for the University of Bristol's Estates Office as they were winding up for a Master Plan (architecture). With many construction projects undergoing at once, they needed a framework in order to report on projects accurately and efficiently. The new database would transition reporting from paper format onto a digital format, enhancing collaboration and following a common process.

The Strategic Project Reporting (SPR) is custom designed, and collects data on approximately 60 projects from over 100 users at any given time. It produces various reports for online viewing and printing.

Altogether, it greatly increased the Estates team's productivity and their office has gone almost entirely paperless!

The project has long-term support.

  • Stores project data: time-lines, cost sheets, status, procurement, risks and more.
  • Tracks user updates for better collaboration and data accuracy.
  • Interactive precinct map displaying and linking projects by stage.
  • Monthly snapshot captures project data and provides access for historical viewing.