Ultisimulator Application

Ultimate is a fast-growing team sport played with a flying disc. In my five years of captaining and coaching teams and delivering skills clinics, I have felt the need for a tool to catalogue my knowledge of the game as material that I re-use, build-on, and share with others.

I developed Ultisimulator as a community-based application to help players and coaches discover, create, organize and share strategies and training drills - online and offline. 

Use an interactive canvas to build and play frame-by-frame animations (simulations). A comprehensive set of search filters will help you find what you are looking for.


  • Play-books to list and share your favourite simulations.
  • Sharing of play-books or individual simulations using a secret key.
  • Upload / download simulation files for offline storing and sharing.
  • Minimal view mode, for embedding in external sites.